The world's most powerful non-invasive butt lift

Wonder technology combines electromagnetic and electrical stimulation that causes 36,000 muscle contractions in just a 25 minute session, the equivalent of 36,000 squats, something that can’t be achieved at the gym. All while relaxing on the beauty bed during treatment.

You can treat your buttocks, legs, abdomen and arms all during the same treatment at no extra cost to give you a complete body transformation. Furthermore, Wonder is proven to reduce cellulite as a result of the deep impulses reshaping your body.


A course of four sessions is recommended spaced one week apart for optimum results.

The benefits of Wonder®

- Simultaneously build muscle and burn fat without having to go the gym.
- Equivalent of 36,000 squates.

- It is the world’s most powerful technology to efficiently uplift and firm your buttocks.
- No anaesthesia and no downtime.
- Four 25 minute sessions recommended spaced one week apart.
- Results may be seen immediately after treatment with full results taking up to six weeks.


Treatment Time

25 minutes


Not required



Visible Results

Up to 8 weeks


Increased muscle mass




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Early bird 25% discount applied 

1 session


2 sessions


4 sessions


6 sessions




How many treatment sessions do I need?

Many patients will notice increased muscle tone after one treatment with Wonder. However, a minimum of four sessions completed in two to four weeks should be taken to give you the best possible results.

How does Wonder® work?

Wonder causes thousands of strong and deep muscle contractions using electromagnetic and electrical impulses. Sounds complicated? It's very simple. The impulses are generated by the device and conducted through electromagnetic panels and sensors to the surface of the skin above the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result is similar to actual movement and regular muscle contractions.

What results can I expect from Wonder®?

Many patients will notice increased muscle tone after one treatment with Wonder. Several clinical studies show that after 4 Wonder sessions, muscle mass increases an average of 16% and fat reduces by an average of 20%.
These results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Am I suitable for Wonder®?

Wonder is suitable for almost everyone. If you are in good shape and want to dissolve some stubborn fat as well as add more definition to your body, Wonder might be just the treatment you’re looking for. Wonder is also suitable for individuals who have a lot of excess fat or are suffering with obesity.

Does Wonder® hurt?

The Wonder treatment is often described to feel like an intense workout.

Which areas of the body is Wonder® appropriate for?

Wonder can treat the buttocks, legs, abs and arms all simultaneously. Wonder can also be used on the flanks or calf muscles.

What are the benefits of Wonder®?

Wonder is a completely non-invasive procedure with no down time or surgery required. It builds and strengthens your muscles and burns your fat simultaneously.
It is the world’s most powerful non-invasive procedure to efficiently uplift, fill and tone your buttocks.
The standard procedure is just 4 sessions for 25 minutes each spaced out over a two to four week period.
You may begin to feel improvement right after the treatment, and it will continue improving for several weeks following the treatments, with final results visible after approximately 6 weeks.