Lipoglaze Fat Freezing 

- Cryolipolysis

Lose unwanted fat within 45 minutes

Are you troubled by stubborn pockets of body fat that just won’t budge, no matter how hard you diet or exercise? At Portland Body Clinic we can help reduce your lumps and bulges at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery with Lipoglaze Fat Freezing.

Fat Freezing is a completely non-invasive, safe and effective treatment for the reduction of body fat. It selectively targets troublesome areas of fat such as muffin tops, love handles, bingo wings and back fat. This treatment does not require any anaesthetic, time off work, no garment post-treatment or weekly massages.

Fat Freezing has no risk of infection as it is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure, which allows the fat to be frozen away through Cryoliposis and gets disposed of out of our body’s natural digestive process (through your pee).


Treatment Time

From 45 minutes


Not required



Visible Results

Up to 12 weeks


Up to 36% fat loss




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Fat Freezing

Prices below include £20 off (offer expires 31st July)

1 area


2 areas


3 areas


4 areas


7 areas




All specs | Alle Eigenschaften

  • Vessel type: any non-metallic
    (ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, paper...)
  • Time to boil 100°C): depends on bottom thickness;
    250ml water in under a minute in thin glass cups
  • Temperature range: 30-100°C via rotary knob in 5°C steps;
    1°C steps and custom presets via app
  • Thickest viable cup bottom: 2cm
  • Base diameter: 177mm
  • Base height: 65mm
  • Magic wand: 250mm
  • Disc diameters: 40-50mm (removable)
  • Max power: 2.000 watts
  • Voltage: 220-230V
  • Materials:
    • Wand Handle: Carbon fibre
    • Wand tube: stainless steel
    • Heating dics: stainless steel
    • Base top: tempered mineral glass
    • Base knob: natural wood
    • Base body: plastic (TBD)
  • Erlaubte Gefäße: alle nicht-metallischen
    (Keramik, Glas, Porzellan, Holz, Plastik, Pappe...)
  • Zeit zum Kochen (100°C): abhängig von Gefäß und Flüssigkeit;
    250ml Wasser in unter 60 Sekunden bei dünnem Gefäßboden
  • Temperaturbereich: 30-100°C in 5er Schritten via Drehregler;
    1er Schritte sowie gespeicherte Voreinstellungen via App
  • Dickster erlaubter Gefäßboden: 2cm
  • Durchmesser Basis: 177mm
  • Höhe Basis: 65mm
  • Länge Zauberstab: 250mm
  • Durchmesser Heizscheiben: 40-50mm (abnehmbar)
  • Maximale Leistung: 2.000W
  • Betriebsspannung: 220-230V
  • Material:
    • Stabgriff: Karbonfaser
    • Stabrohr: Edelstahl
    • Heizscheibe: Edelstahl
    • Basisdeckel: gehärtetes Mineralglas
    • Drehregler: Echtholz
    • Basiskörper: Kunststoff (TBD)


Had the pleasure of going to this clinic yesterday to receive the fat freezing on the chin which was completely pain free the whole procedure was explained thoroughly by the lovely Christina who made sure I was comfortable an answered all questions, i experienced some slight bruising straight after which is normal. The clinic was spotless, im looking forward to the end results will keep you posted. I highly recommend this clinic. And hope to visit again soon. Thank you x

Really good experience with Christine. She explained everything that was happening with my treatment before, during and after. I am very happy with my results. A definite difference. I will be happy to refer other to her for lipoglaze.

Thanks Christine.

It was amazing experience with Christina, the environment very comfortable and clean, I've been here before and I saw an amazing results, and definitly I will come again for derma pen, and try their other treatments !!

Thank you Christina :*



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