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Dermapen Skin Rejuvenation

Dermapen™ is a specialised type of skin needling that delivers the most dramatic results with none to minimal downtime. 1296 fractional channels per second are gently made into the skin - this triggers an organic regenerative response that renews, refreshes and repairs the skin’s healing mechanisms. Acne, scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea and even stretch marks can all effortlessly be treated.

Whilst the thought of needles may sound a little bit scary to most people, the ingenuity of a Dermapen™ treatment is the tiny, tiny needles that operate from the pen device. The needles oscillate at a super-fast speed (108 revolutions per second) and feel similar to a vibrating toothbrush. This oscillation diffuses nerve receptors to create the ultimate in comfort whist maximising skin rejuvenation. With origins that date back over 2000 years with various forms of acupuncture, modern skin needling has become especially popular over the last 30 years. Unlike operator dependant tattoo guns, needling stamps or rollers, automated pen devices are the latest type of needling technology. Needle depth and oscillation speed can be changed throughout the treatment, to offer procedural versatility. This enables the treatment of multiple skin concerns within the one session. Whilst the most common concerns include ageing, wrinkles and post-acne scars, more challenging indications such as acne, alopecia, rosacea, stretch marks and even vitiligo can be treated easily and quickly.

The skin appears a little red following a Dermapen™ treatment, this looks and feels like a mild to moderate sunburn. There is never any grazing, bruising or scabs. Unlike resurfacing laser treatments which can only be performed on certain skin colours, Dermapen™ may be performed on all skin colours and all ages. Special healing make-up may even be applied immediately after treatment, so patients can go straight back to work or normal activities. Usually 3-6 treatments are required at 4-8 week intervals for best results.

With no injections, implants or muscle relaxants, Dermapen™ is the fastest, safest and most natural way to achieve potent skin correction and long lasting harmony.


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Denise Blannin
Denise Blannin
21 sept 2022

Thank you Rhia for an unforgettable experience, such an amazing feeling and appearance to my skin after the derma planing.

Me gusta
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