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Whether you simple have a bit of stubborn fat or your skin is ageing, having a double chin is very common. Although often associated with weight gain, the truth is that you can develop a double chin regardless of your weight. Genetics also come in to play regarding double chins and sometimes, no amount of dieting or eating healthily can make it disappear. 

At Portland Body Clinic we use a chin applicator that allows us to target the double chin area through Fat Freezing. Fat cells are permanently removed from the target areas, allowing you to perfectly sculpt your neck like you wish.

Those problematic areas won't be a problem anymore! Following a healthy lifestyle and our aftercare guidelines, you can have long-term results through this non-surgical treatment. 


One Area  - £99.00 

Treatment Information:

🕑 Treatment Time

30 – 60 minutes

💉 Completely Non-Surgical



11-59% Fat reduction

🔓 Visible Results

2-12 week development

💁 Treatment Sensitivity

Low – Mild

🔃 Repeat Treatment

Not often required

👇 Downtime

Redness in area/ potential


💻 Time Off Work

Not required

➡Lifespan Of Results

Lifestyle dependent